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Hi there, I am originally from Sundanesse Indonesia. Mugia ieu Blog sing janten mangpaat, sasieureun sabeunyeureun, kanggo urang sadaya, utamina sing saha bae anu micinta Blog. Welcome to my life !

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Hacker steals Confidential Data Security Twitter

A system with a target of hacking officer Twitter has made theft of data from the site mico-blogging it. Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone revealed that in the day Wednesday (15 / 7), there is a theft of a number of internal documents, but does not have an account confidential information relating to the Twitter service. Theft of data is in progress since May in which a hacker known Croll Hacker has been named the email account from one of the executives in Twitter. From there, hackers can access the documents through a number of Google Apps account from Twitter.

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